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Sharing radio shows,


this idea started during working with social radio partners
such as studio oldies, jay adkins, garry jackson and many other
radio performers. These people offers their shows worldwide to a huge network.
which shows are we able to offer you....


the current commercial free radio shows are available to serve you

mars soundman shows english presentation

- unlucky tracks 13 tracks 2 hours show +/-
- weektracks show +/-

- the freelance show 2hours +/-

standard procedures
you are able to decide which show(s) you wish to add on your
radio station and the timezones / days of the week.

Be sure to notify at your radio schedule the correct times of airplay and
a banner by your sharing link partners page.

the banners you are able to find at the webpage mars soundman shows.
Your banner from the show will be placed on this webpage
as you decide to take some show(s) from us.
Each radiostation is responsible for their own payments of their broadcasting law.

Every show you accept on your radio network will be an agreement based at
free of charge broadcast.
The producer from the radio show(s) won't interfere intern radiostation problems
or ask about age, seks, location, etc.

Agreement of use can be determine at anytime from both users .

In case you wish to add us in your public radio system
feel free to fill in form sharing radio shows.


kind regards,


Mars Soundman