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Best visitors of united sounds choice and listeners from radio united sounds division,

on this webpage we will show you the charges we make.
united sounds choice website 72 euro 50 yearly
united sounds division stream 84 euro 83 monthly (including back up stream and on demand server 1gb)
12 months x 84,83= 1017,16+ 72,50 = euro 1090,46 yearly

Some stations claiming that broadcast streaming legal is very expensive.
They are asking a dj/vj  an amount monthly for their hobby.
For some reason the charges aint based on the right price in common.

As a non profit organisation... I believe the charges should be 
fair enough to ask a dj or vj for their services on the network. 
the netto charges for each our life hour broadcast stands
below in the formula.

Website 72 euro 50 yearly + stream 84 euro 83 monthly
12 months x 84,83= 1017,96+ 72,50 = euro 1090,46 yearly
1090,46 :52 weeks :7 days :24 hours = euro 0,1248 for one hour life broadcast

Let's hope in future that stations don't ask high prices for broadcasting
to their deejays/veejays and let them pay a fair price for using the network.

Feel free to make a donation for our radiostation/website....
Each support is a bless for all work we are doing for you.

For more information you can go to webpage
contact website radio

Donation regards,

Mars Soundman