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 Best visitors and listeners from the website,  
the team is very happy you have found us.
The website united sounds choice made his first start june 2012, while the radio from united sounds division started a few months later at this website. Many visitors already reached us worldwide. The team is very satisfied with the results, which been made during our activities over the years.
Every member of the organisation will do the best for entertaining you, but also inform about the activities from us and support new innovation always.


United sounds choice become social partner
of united sounds division for a long while now.
Since 2014 united sounds division co-operate
a lot with independent radio performers as well. The team is very delighted and grateful to work with them. more presentation shows and partnerships makes the activity even more bigger as we could expected. United sounds division is looking forward to add more presentation shows. Ofcourse the influence of independent radio performers become a lot, but there is always enough to improve each year. Everyone is looking forward to serve you even better as last year. I wish everyone a nice time with the programs which will be realised.


The website will take his responsibillity
into promote activities from the
independent radio performers also.
The recent activities from the website
will continue as well during this year.

We are looking forward to bring you
the best result possible this year.

Kindly regards,

Mars Soundman